What We Are

Nutrishable is a holistic nutrition, wellness and lifestyle coaching service designed for real people with busy lives.

Services are personalized, one-on-one and always offer individualized attention to each client including a customized plan based on individual needs and overall wellness goals. Nutrishable is not a meal plan. It is not a gym membership. It is a relationship that breaks barriers to healthy living through education, instruction and support.

Nutrishable was founded by Samantha Reto, a holistic health coach and wellness expert based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Utilizing an attainable and supportive approach, Samantha helps clients implement lifestyle changes to improve their health and reach their wellness goals by creating sustainable habits to live a balanced life.

Samantha believes in healthy lifestyles, not diets.

She knows the mind and body are connected and that physiological and emotional wellbeing must be considered together. She teaches that feeling and living well means becoming purposeful about more than just the food on your plate – it includes other areas of life including relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality.

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