After having my morning smoothie I get this immediate burst of energy. Not in the same way as a cup of coffee- its not jittery but more of a natural feeling. I always like to keep it interesting and am always trying new smoothie recipes. But lately, this one is my favorite go to! What I love about it is the flavor profile and all of the health benefits from the ingredients. One of my favorite super foods are MUSHROOMS. Yes, you heard that right mushrooms. I know you’re probably thinking “ew mushrooms in a smoothie that would taste disgusting”. No, these are not the same type of mushrooms you would have in your dinner. They are medicinal mushrooms like Chaga, Reishi and Lions Mane just to name a few. They come in a powder form and don’t have a mushroom taste. These mushrooms have amazing health benefits which include immune function due to high amounts of B vitamins, mental clarity, DNA protection and also known as antioxidant powerhouses. Medicinal mushrooms have been used in eastern medicine for years.

Since these are an adaptogen a little goes a long way. You only need to consume a small quantity to reap the health benefits over a long extended period of time. In short, adaptogens are non-toxic plants that help the body resist or reduce stressors of all kinds. Including physical, environmental and chemical. It’s like training your body to handle the effects from stress. I will write a whole blog post just about adaptogens!

Each mushroom is different from the next and has specific health features. For example Reishi is known to have calming properties. It helps with anxiety, depression and sleep. While on the other hand Chaga helps fight inflammation in the body. It also helps to combat oxidative stress from the environment. Lions Mane is very helpful for those who have brain fog and need more mental clarity. It is known to help with cognition, memory and concentration. Ok, I think that’s enough about mushrooms for this one post. Here is my smoothie recipe that has been on repeat lately.

The ingredients for my Nutrishable smoothie are:

1 cup of either cold water or nut milk of choice. (You can use whatever you like whether that is almond milk, hemp, cashew etc). These nut milks can be store bought from your local health food store or homemade. (I will write another post on making homemade nut milk!)

1/2 cup frozen banana for texture

Handful of frozen strawberries

Large handful of frozen wild blueberries. Tip: you could also sub this for regular blueberries too!

2 TBSP of flax seed

1 TBSP of chia seed

1 TBSP of hemp hearts

1 TSP Chaga

1/2 TSP Reishi

2.5 TBSP Cacao

1/2 TSP of Maca

Handful of spinach (could also sub this for kale or any other leafy green vegetable of choice)

I blend all of the ingredients together in a blender until it looks more liquidity in texture and then pour into my extra-large mason jar. I highly recommend consuming right after its made for freshness but you could also take it to go!

I will write another post about superfoods, smoothie recipes and my favorite brands so stay tuned! What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes!?