I am the type of person who needs some structure in my daily schedule. It helps me stay focused on my goals that I set to accomplish and keeps my priorities top of mind. I would label myself to be more of a “Type A” person. For those of you who know me, I like things organized and orderly. It makes me feel more calm and at peace. My morning routine helps keep me grounded. I always try to plan to get a little time in with Landon before he starts his work day. For this reason, I try and schedule everything related to work after 9:00am and no later than 6:00pm (ideally!). This is the goal but doesn’t always happen. I know many couples try to get some time in together in the morning but there is so much to get done before they walk out the door so its not always possible.

7:00am I set my alarm for this time each morning (some days I do wake up a little earlier). By keeping this time consistent my body gets used to what it feels like to get up at this time like an internal clock. I feel like I have enough time for my morning routine without being rushed. It helps also balance my circadian rhythm (which I will write another post all about!). It is all about figuring out how much time you need in the morning to get what you need to accomplished. Sometimes Landon is my alarm because he wakes up earlier to workout before work most days. I set my alarm through Amazon Alexa and not on my phone. I got in the habit of doing this so I don’t look at my phone first thing. If my phone were next to my night stand I would probably start off the morning by checking email and scrolling through Instagram (we are ALL guilty of this).

7:15am but first, shower. I find that taking a shower first thing works best for me. Some people prefer showering or bathing at night before bed. It gives me a fresh start (literally) and I feel more put together by showering in the morning. After my shower I wash my face and do my skincare routine before getting dressed for the day.

7:30am After figuring out what I’m wearing, I quickly straighten up the bathroom while Landon makes the bed. It is all about teamwork! Breakfast time! One of my favorite parts of the day.

7:45am Some mornings we like to pick some fresh herbs from our garden to have with our fruit and other days we don’t. It just depends on how much we have available that day. One of our favorite herbs to add to our fruit is mint. We are pretty predictable and tend to eat the same thing almost every morning. My favorite go to is a combination of: mixed berry bowl (his with added banana), smoothie for me, lots of water, side of nut butter and our supplements. (I will write a whole post on what supplements I like to take).

8:00am Organize the kitchen and clean up our mess. Also we like to pre-make our lunches for the day at this time. I will write another blog about meal prepping tips!

8:30am Mediation. Some days just for 5 minutes and other days it may be a 20 minute mediation. If I feel really rushed in the morning I might push it back and do it either in the afternoon or evening. You have to be in the right mindset and not be distracted. It’s all about being mindful of your headspace. I try to make sure I am consistent with this because consistency is key to make it a habit.

9:00am Typical work day starts and we’re off and running!

What does your morning routine look like?